About Us

Welcome to the Confident Calories Meal Prep Co. Family!


At Confident Calories Meal Prep Co., we are passionate about helping people eat healthier & reach their fitness goals without sacrificing taste or cutting out their favorite foods! There is a common misconception that eating healthy food is boring, expensive, and difficult – but the good new is, we solve ALL of these problems for you!!

Our filling meals are always high protein, made fresh every single week, and offered at the lowest meal prep price in the area!

We value nutrition, convenience, quality, and flavor above all else to create the best possible experience for our Confident Calories Meal Prep clients.

Our Team

Elaine Curtin


Elaine has been in the nutrition & fitness industry since 2015. She coaches CrossFit classes and owns an online nutrition coaching company (Lainey C Fitness, LLC). Her personal experience of going through & recovering from an eating disorder is what brought her into the industry with a passion for showing others what true health & a balanced lifestyle looks like. Confident Calories Meal Prep Co. is her way of showing others that healthy food can be just as enjoyable as "junk food" is!

Confident Calories Meal Prep Co.